Kryphon (Artist Review)

A couple of weeks ago, my DJ friend ROBMON showed me an artist named Kryphon. An artist with an incredibly interesting, unique and fun sound. Coming from Birmingham, UK, it’s obvious that the man has some British influences in his sound. For starters, his tunes never drop below 130 BPM, which is awfully fast for most House Music. But fairly standard for UK Bass. Now his sound design is something next level entirely. Kryphon has a talent for unorthodox, and very unique sound design. From insane, high frequency shrieks to all around wonky wobs, the mans sound is something that I’ve never heard before in all my time listening to Electronic Music.

Between the fast paced beats and the crazy sounds, Kryphon is definitely an artist that nobody should miss out on. And considering his relatively small following of only 5,000 on soundcloud, he’s someone much more deserving of a proper, huge fanbase.


  1. Thank you guys!

    Such a lovely read and appreciate all kind words!

    But I do have a song coming out at 128 BPM soon 😉


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