Remi Wolf – You’re a Dog!

Remi Wolf - You're a Dog

Remi Wolf’s debut album, You’re A Dog, just dropped, and it’s not something to miss out on. The 2014 American Idol contestant hit the ground running with her first EP, blending together aspects of electronic pop, hip-hop, R&B, and acoustic in a genre that she herself describes as “weirdy sex-pop”. She cites Tierra Whack and Seth Rogan as her main inspirations if you needed any further explanation of what she’s bringing to the table over the album’s 18-minute runtime, and those inspirations can be heard throughout You’re A Dog in Wolf’s lighthearted humor and use of experimental samples and beats.

Within the first few seconds of the album, Wolf hits you with her unique and versatile voice, making use of her impressive range throughout Sauce, You’re A Dog’s opening track, and implementing it over the course of the album, frequently shifting from tender, intimate moments to high-energy outbursts. She proves that she is a singer who knows how to use her voice and in a pairing that with lyrics that are contemplative of the contrasting emotions surrounding love and relationships, she creates a longing, dreamy mood that pervades the course of the album.

Wolf’s skill with producing music throughout You’re A Dog is something you’d expect of an upcoming artist finding her sound, ranging from well developed, mellow beats to punchy and experimental samples to psychedelic and trippy vibes. It’s this variety in sound that really shows off her ability to make the most out of whatever she decides to do with a song, further defining You’re A Dog as an excellent debut album and setting her up for a future as a successful and creative artist. Really, if there’s anything to take away from listening to this album, it’s that you should keep an eye on Remi Wolf.

Recommended Songs: Sauce, Rufufus, Thicc

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