Do the Grammy’s really care about rock/metal?

The short answer is not really. Every news network has given their open on the nominees for the Grammy’s 2020.

So why should we care?

Well the Grammy’s has given attention to smaller artists I Prevail. Who are a metalcore band known for their “Blank Space.” There album Trauma and their song “Bow Down.” Which are ABSOLUTE BANGERS so you totally check out the album and song.

However, the nominees for the following rock and metal nominees that were less than appealing. There were nominees who were better suited for different categories that aren’t representative of the current state of rock music. There are albums and songs that could be better fitted for more alternative and pop categories. Just because a band once considered as a rock band doesn’t mean they can’t evolve.

So instead try and nominate the albums that genuinely rock. Raw real unfiltered rock n’ roll.

Wow I got heated there for a moment. But that’s just my raw unfiltered angry opinion… Grammy’s you just got roasted.

Here are some of the other more unknown artists highlighted in 2020’s nominations that deserve more recognition:

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