Marilyn Manson – The End

Recently, Marilyn Manson covered the Doors’ song “The End” for the television show the Stand based on the Stephen King novel. The song is different than the original song by the Doors. Which I really enjoyed Manson’s flare on the different than the Doors version. However, you cannot beat the melancholy drone of Jim Morrison’s vocals. Manson’s version is haunting and eerie and the Doors version has the classic Doors sound. There sound had always had a unique sound due to the lack of the bass that is found in the song.

I feel like both of these songs are definitely good. I’m glad Manson didn’t try to recreate the Doors classic sound because it is SO unique to the Doors. Manson definitely did make this song his own so don’t go into this song expecting it to be a copy of the original. Either way this song is a win win situation because both of these songs give the iconic classic rock song a new life and may introduce new people to the Doors to their music.


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