Peter Jöback – Jag kommer hem igen till jul

Happy holidays KZUU listeners!

This is the first Holiday album review I will be reviewing since it’s the holiday season I thought this will be a great album for you to check out. Swedish singer, Peter Jöback, released Jag kommer hem igen till jul in 2002 and with the success since then it always makes a comeback in European charts around the season. This album has some of your favorite songs played during the holidays such as “Silent Night”“Oh  Holy Night” sung all in Swedish. Peter Jöback’s take on these songs were so calming as his vocals always left you with a smile or a tear in your eye as you remind yourself of all the good memories and will leave you with a sense of being “home”, wherever that may be. Although in Swedish you may think the language barrier would be a problem while listening, this album is one of the best albums to listen to during the holidays! Viskar en bön & Jag kommer hem igen jul are my favorites, so much that during my last show of the year I played Viskar en bön. Jag kommer hem igen till jul is not as “flashy” when it comes to constantly changing the style of each song you will find in other Christmas albums, it has a welcoming sort of tone set in place that you would like to listen to. Viskar en bön starts off with a soft piano and small rests and Jöback’s voice coming together with growth every second as the song goes on being so calming, sweet, and passion that you can feel as you listen along. Michael Bublé’s Christmas album is popular and pretty good to listen to, but nothing can beat the feeling of being home and holiday cheer compared to Peter Jöback’s album.


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