Black Moses EP – Chanel Tres

Channel Tres is a producer, DJ, musician and artist from Compton California. This Californian Native has had several projects drop, but his latest release Black Moses is what got my attention. This EP has a runtime of only 18 minutes and only consist of 5 songs. Short yet so wonderfully put together.

Channel Tres was originally going to pursuit a route in the EDM industry even though he said it wasn’t his fit and was just going wherever he could be accepted.

Black Moses is sexy, raw, smooth, peaceful and hard hitting. Just when the beat might be a little bit too club/disco Channel adds some Compton Gangsta era to his the track. A great example of this is shown on the track “Sexy Black Timberlake”. The steady bass and clap tempo feels like some slow house music but, Channel adds this sharp synth used in late 80s rap from southern California, very reminiscent of Dr. Dre.

Channel does an amazing job in combining different influences into this project. Hazy rap verses over his atmospheric electronic beats. Channel balances the catchy verses and hooks with funny yet ear pleasing adlibs. Back Mosses is the perfect album for anyone who is on the fence about the new age electronic scene.

Overall this EP is very versatile meaning one could play this in the whip, at a party, at a kickback, or even in a car ride with your parents. If you have time give this project a chance. I hope Channel keeps going in this creative route and I look forward to what he does next.

Favorite Track: Sexy Black Timberlake

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