Pa Las Vibras – Herencia De Patrones

The four member band Herencia De Patrones dropped their 3rd album Pa Las Vibras (For the Vibes). This band is from Yuba City California, though three of the band members families are from Michoacán Mexico, the fourth members family is from Mexicali Mexico. 

The Project consist of 12 tracks with a total run time of 36 minutes. This project is a great example on how the first-generation Mexican Americans are putting their own twist on Mexican folk music. Traditionally Mexican folk incorporated fast paste guitar chords with accordions and tubas for bass. Herencia has put a spin into the music their parents and family brought with them when coming to the states. The rap influences come into play with the hard basslines from the bass guitar and the flow from the lead singer constant word play and occasional rhymes. 

Although the 12 string guitar on the melody and chords are influenced from the traditional Spanish folk, the new sound incorporates longer guitar riffs as the main chorus. The main thing that separates the traditional sound from the new age would be the lyrics. 10 years ago no one would be singing about drinking lean or hanging out at a party smoking blunts with the homies. The story telling of hanging out getting high was seen as something only rap music would cover. Now this type of music is not only getting attention in the US but, in Mexico as well.

The premise of songs are or not just about the getting high and hanging out. Herencia speaks on stories from multiple perspectives of drug traffickers to advice from those who have retired. On the 8th song titled “Historia De Los Barrios” (stories from the neighborhood) the lead singer narrates a story about a drug deal gone wrong. Two brothers and a close friend smoking weed while waiting for the drug deal to commence when shots are fired and police come their way. The youngest brother starts shooting back and by the time the oldest brother turns around his brother has been struck and dies in his arms. 

Pa Las Vibras is filled with stories and life lessons and that is typical for most projects in this genre but, one thing separates them from the rest. The band put out a project that can be played smoothly from start to finish. Cohesiveness is a rarely seen since most artist in the Spanish genre focus on putting out hit singles. Pa las Vibres has a great intro song, fluid transitions, and even a good closer track. 

Overall, I enjoy this project very much. I am not only exited to see what the band puts out next but, also excited to see where this new genre goes. 

Favorite Songs: Distinta Movida, Se Sufre Pa Merecer

P.S. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years Drake hops on a track with this band


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