Treefort Hype: ‘More’ of The Music of Treefort

We won’t go into a bunch of detail, but for more perspective on why KZUU is excited for this festival is located on this festival can be found on the link down below:

This is our second installment of letting our listeners know about an amazing music festival that is taking place in Boise, ID from March 25th to the 29th. This week we still want to emphasize the road warriors of the festival. Because there are WAY too many unknown bands to fit in just one post! For reference, there are nearly 500 artists that are slated for a slot at this festival. As DJ’s, its our job to curate and create a pallet for the listener to spread the word that can get as much awareness as possible. Like stated earlier, this post is about the road-warriors of the festival. These are the artists that most likely have a 40 minute set that will fill in the gaps for your festival experience. As always, pat yourself on the back for making it through another wordy intro… and now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, take it away Shane, Jacob, Derek and Flint!

Shane’s Picks:

GRLwood: Bisexual – Its a bit of a punk track. Got a catchy bass riff eerily similar to ‘rock lobster’ by The B52’s. But in a fun way! The lyrics are pretty direct. ‘You say you’re bisexual, oh/ I really wanna hold you, oh’. Personally, I imagine they would have an awesome stage presence after listening to this song.

Weird Milk: Anything You Want – Sound and atmospheric feel reminds me of ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ from Arctic Monkeys before. A good representation that modern rock is still around. Fast electric guitars, but light-hearted enough without caring too much.

Xiu Xiu: Wondering – You could classify ‘Xiu’ as experimental rock/noise pop/ art electronic or whatever you really want. Singer/songwriter Jamie Stewart strikes me as the type who doesn’t really care for the labels you give his music. Which makes him that much more appealing. If you are into just testing the waters, this is a great track for you.

St. Terrible: The Youth and Cannibalism – This song has Kazoos… we are KZUU… You do the math. St. Terrible also has some acoustic guitars, snare drums, and believe it or not ‘subway’ sounds scattered throughout the track. Thought it was fitting for a playlist like this where the idea is to give a little taster. Give the rest of their stuff if you like this. Its got more interesting textures you might find refreshing.

Audiacide: Suicide Note – Not quite sure why this popped into my head, but this reminds me of the band Incubus. But right before they started leaning fully into reggae rock. Its very wall-of-noise-esque. And a touch experimental. Which is another fun thing every festival goer likes to see in a performance.

Psychic Bloom: Sacred Sun – Its a surfer/psychadelic rock track. There’s really only 3 major chords throughout the song. But it’s short and sweet. Lyrics reference sparkles and shiny things quite a bit. Makes me think they may have been under the influence of an illicit material haha. But hey, gotta find inspiration somewhere.

Jacob’s Picks:

Vundabar: Holy Toledo – The 3-piece indie effort from Boston cuts loose on this song. It’s a little reminiscent (at least to me) of “Never Meant” by American Football, as well as songs by contemporaries Fleece, Comforter, and the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. It’s a very melancholy piece of music, that trails off into echoey, shoegazey repeating lyrics, but Vundabar’s always worth a listen.

Myke Bogan: Cold Sushi – Lo-fi hip hop with a harder edge than you’d normally expect, Cold Sushi features Portland-based Bogan painting a visual picture over a muted piano/hi-hat track. If you’ve ever heard Black Coffee by Kill Bill, or Magnolia by Lushlife, you can get a pretty good idea of Bogan’s peers and contemporaries. It’s fantastic music for a drive at
night, or for a kickback with a group of friends. That said, Myke Bogan can spit, and I can’t wait to see how he lights up a concert venue.

Nite Jewel: Nowhere to Go – 80s spacey synth beats and an ethereal female vocal track give Nite Jewel a very Madonna-meets-Ladytron feel. I’m a fan of the weirdly nostalgic sound, though I can’t quite figure out what it makes me nostalgic for, if that makes any sense. The song was featured on the GTA V soundtrack, as a side note, though that doesn’t detract at all from the wholly unique sound Nite Jewel has established.

Help: Class War Now – Big Black for the modern era, with a crunchy guitar undertone and a deep, incredibly pissed-off lead singer who sounds eerily like Steve Albini. Political lyrics calling for revolution and uprising make this the ideal band to mosh to, and I could definitely see them sharing ideas and sounds with bands like Lifeseeker, Show Me The Body, and Trash Talk.
As my stoner friend says: “No karate in the pit!”

Whippoorwill: Good to Be Around – Classically folk, with a muted harmonica and what sounds like a steel guitar in the background, but all that takes a backstage to Alysia Kraft and Staci Foster’s vocals. They’re Alison Kraus-esque, maybe even a little Blackbird Raum thrown in for good measure, but uniquely original, and completely evocative of the “high
lonesome sound” that bluegrass is all about. I grew up playing and listening to this kind of music, and whenever I hear it, all I can think about is Alaska folk festivals and bluegrass bands performing on stage.

Derek’s Picks:

Free Creatures: Free Creatures – This is a group of hemp farmers from Oregon that mix psychedelic rock and jazz with rap. Their self-titled song is a great tune with a nice guitar line, some horns, and rapping from both vocalists.

SNBRN: Move All Night – This DJ makes music that he describes as “sunset house”, which seems pretty accurate to me. Move All Night is a great example of his style, with its super-danceable house beat and bouncy synth line. The song has an excellent transition from the ethereal build-up into the beat drop.

Cat Hoch: Losin’ It – This song by the psychedelic rock band features an ethereal, dreamy vibe with the washed out vocals and the synths that come in during the chorus. The combination of the drums and the psych freak-out synths sound inspired by Tame Impala, but with Cat Hoch’s own unique twist.

The Shivas: Look So Good, Be So Good – I’ve seen The Shivas twice, and they put on a fun, high energy show both times. Look So Good, Be So Good has an old school psychedelic rock sound, including lo-fi vocals and guitar and drums that seem inspired by Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd. But many of their other songs lean more into punky garage rock.

Glue Trip: Fancy – The Brazilian psychedelic pop band seem to have gone in more of a dancy direction with their last album, Sea at Night, featuring the song Fancy. It has a constant drum beat throughout, and the trippy synth lines that appear as well as the guitar solo make this song great.

Flint’s Picks:

Cal In Red: Dang -Dreamy psych-pop full of smooth vocals and beautiful harmonies. Very reminiscent of Tame Impala’s “Currents”. Despite not having many plays on spotify, I’m very surprised by how great this duo sounds. I have a hard time believing they haven’t blow up yet – maybe Treefort will be a step in the right direction for them. Definitely excited about this band. 

LaundryLonely Mess A little bit 90s, a little bit 80s funk, and lots of fun indie rock. You can really hear each of the artist’s individual influences coming together for a bouncy and playful sound that meshes really well together. 

Wray: Below – This whole song feels like a push-and-pull between deep despair and subdued happiness. I’m detecting just a hint of surf rock vibes here, but definitely not the crappy and bubbly stuff one would typically expect from a surf rock band. Ambient synths accompany tasty guitar licks and a simple drum beat which makes for good listening.

Spaceface:  Cowboy Lightning – Spaceface is led by the Flaming Lips’ guitar player, which is refreshing because I always found The Flaming Lips’ music a bit strange (especially their newer stuff), but appreciated the guitar in their tracks. It’s always wonderful to hear such carefully and thoughtfully produced psychedelic music, especially now that the genre is becoming so over-saturated with less-than-stellar tracks. This track makes me want to kick back in my backyard back home with a few cold ones and some close friends – in fact, the whole album does.

Couple things. First, that’s a lot of amazing music! Second, come see these great bands perform at Treefort and get into the groove! If we still haven’t quite convinced you, stick around for next week where we’ll give you more of a reason why to go! However, if you are sold head over to:

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