Four words: ‘Sweeping Waves Of Synth‘ … Timecode (1:01)

I love getting into my car, putting the volume dial to 11 and waiting for the ‘indie-equivalent-to-a-drop’ to hit before I start my drive. Its just what feels natural to me. This EP is a great taster for those who love Synth Pop, but in case you wondered, here is a track by track breakdown…

—>Still Here: Deep, loose bass guitar riff. High pitch synths piano. Simple drum beat. Fast guitar interludes scattered throughout the track. This track about anxiety. ‘Living in a question mark/ Time is stumbling in the dark’. Its the kind of track that captures the never ending question of why does life seem to have so much pressure. This track has a kick ass back half of the song. It just lets everything out. Its like a release of kicking anxiety’s ass to the next day. Quite relatable.

->Fidelio: The slower track off the EP. The one that is a good pace changer from the first track. In the context of an album, this most likely would land on the B-Side. This track is about lust, and the idea of having sex that seems overwhelming but in a way to just scratch an itch.

–>Weirdo: Fluttering guitar riffs. Minimal drum beats. Bass guitar goes up and down octaves. Often. This track explores observing a couple from afar. As the observer, she sees them ‘dancing like a weirdo’, wondering how they could possibly doing what they’re doing and wants sooooo bad for the weirdness to end. My bet is that this song is probably about sex, and hot take, a observation of herself from afar.

—->Too Much: This one’s my personal favorite from the EP. This is where those sweeping waves of synth pop are beautiful. There is a bass guitar riff to open the song as if to suggest a person spiraling out of control into the depths of their own mind. Vocals are dropped like a ping pong ball into a tub of syrup. My ears immediately were gravitated to her voice upon first listen. The first two verses set the stage, but then those synths hit like a sonic wave. The chorus is aligned with this track so purposefully and it is AWEsome. Lyrically Alison Rachel, Front-woman of HONEYMOAN, reaches for deeper means of not wanting to let a person in for fear of exposing something inside herself that she might be ashamed of. In a lot of ways this is relatable to any of us younger folks that are just trying to get through life without making ourselves look like complete fools. The moment we see something we don’t like about ourselves, we think about it constantly. Letting someone get close to you in any intimate sense can be scary. I’m really happy Alison brings light to this. And as someone who used to struggle with this feeling, I think a lot of people can empathize with this track.

Sounds like an ALASKALASKA and Alvvays collab. Thematically this EP covered different topics while still seeming consistent and wasn’t dragged out. Stylistically I am in love with the texture of some of the synths dubbed over simple drum beats and catchy bass guitar riffs. If you like psychedelic pop/rock, this EP is a great taster. Their last EP is more of the same great stuff too!

Try: Too Much

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