Faddy Datty – Iguma

If you were at WSU’s Springfest in 2019, you probably have seen the performance of Pullman’s own Faddy Datty! Faddy Datty came out with Iguma in April 2020, I kid you not this was such an amazing album. Throughout the progression of the album, Faddy Datty was able to showcase how he grew as an artist. Sad Boi Sh*t was one of the songs on the album, to which you listen to the pain of being an artist and the fight with his inner demons. One of my personal favorites included Day by DayImperfections, and Toast to my Ghost which two of them had an amazing collab with very great vocals. I’ve heard of Faddy Datty when he came out with The Midnight Express and seeing how he was able to grow to something he generally feels like “this is me, this is my story” is one of the most incredible musical growth you see from one of the most beloved rappers in Pullman. Faddy Datty’s Iguma is worth listening to and being able to hear him grow even more throughout the experience as a rapper and within himself is something worth treasuring.



  1. This album is the absolute truth, Faddy Datty is an incredibly talented artist, no lie about that!


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