Songs of the week 9/20 – 9/26

In an effort to keep providing great new music for our fans and friends of the station, your KZUU music directors have decided to contribute to a weekly playlist of the freshest and tastiest jams that we’ve been listening to during the pandemic. We hope you enjoy this latest installment and selection of fine music material, and are keeping safe and healthy during these particularly troubling times. We miss you, and hope to get back to playing music for you again soon.

Mari: Not My God – Sowing Discord

 You may have heard of Tim Skold from his work with Marilyn Manson or his solo project SKOLD. Well now he has a new project called Not My God who released their new album earlier this year. The stand out song on their debut album is Sowing Discord. It’s haunting, atmospheric, and definitely will get stuck in your head. So if you’re interested in twisted and haunting melodies check out this song and album. Definitely recommended for fans of industrial metal. Also the music video for Sowing Discord is STUNNING possibly one of my new favorite music videos as well. 

Ryan Tattershall: Jadu Heart – Metal Violets

The duo, Alex Headford and Diva Jeffrey, better known as Jadu Heart are back with a full length project, Hyper Romance, following up their debut record Melt Away that was released last year. If you’re familiar with their work, their “sound” can be kind of hard to describe. It’s no different on Hyper Romance, as the duo goes for a grungy gothic rock sound that I didn’t see coming. Metal Violets, the sixth track on the record, is one that’ll have your head bopping along to the rhythm. The beat is infectious, the lyrics are lucid and dreamy, and I’ve played it about ten times since it came out yesterday. Metal Violets will give you just a peek into the world Jadu Heart have created within their music, and it just might send you down a rabbit hole that could have you end up at their 2016 EP Wanderflower, one of my personal favorites. 

Ryan Tattershall: Sunflower Bean – Moment in the Sun

Julia Cumming and Sunflower Bean are back in 2020 with the ultimate feel good track to bring you out of any slump. It’s a song about love and enjoying the sun with that special someone. It’ll transport you back to those blissful summer days that we all cherish, and will soon be looking forward to as the gloomy winter weather comes in. The music video for this track is very colorful, aesthetically pleasing, and I highly recommend taking 3 minutes and 25 seconds out of your day to watch it.

Jacob Hersh: Amigo the Devil – Waiting Around to Die 

This week, Florida-based “murderfolk” artist Amigo the Devil dropped a cover of Townes Van Zandt’s classic Waiting Around to Die. ATD’s cover is significantly rougher and rawer than the ‘69 original, but it’s in keeping with the grimy folkpunk aesthetic he’s sought to emulate throughout his discography – starting off soft and building to an emotional crescendo in the last third of the song. With that said, if you liked his cover, the Whitey Morgan and the ‘78s version of WATD from 2015 is equally good, putting a Texas twang on an old classic. 

Derek Henderson: Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Heartbreak

Despite being in the midst of a pandemic that has all clubs, festivals and raves closed down, Bonobo has released his most danceable track yet, collaborating with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. The bouncy drum beat and bright synths of Heartless are far removed from the relaxed vibe and organic sound of his earlier trip hop and downtempo albums, like Black Sands and Dial ‘M’ for Monkey. In fact, it sounds like it would fit right in on the new Disclosure album. Heartless is just an incredibly fun song that’s sure to leave you in a good mood.

Jett Vreeman : Bustdown- Depend on me

Kent, WA has been showing some really promising work as far as rap/hip hop artists go and Bustdown is no stranger to that statement. I originally found this track from my friend Damani, who posted it on his IG story. Every song Damani has been releasing this year has been incredible, so I had to check out his friend’s track. After listening, I have kept this song on repeat throughout my week and for this reason, I decided to choose it as my SOtW. If you’re looking for something new, up and coming as far as rap goes, give this song a listen. Looking forward to what Bustdown releases in the coming months and his album which will be released October 9th, 2020.

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