Songs of the week 9/27 – 10/3

In an effort to keep providing great new music for our fans and friends of the station, your KZUU music directors have decided to contribute to a weekly playlist of the freshest and tastiest jams that we’ve been listening to during the pandemic. We hope you enjoy this latest installment and selection of fine music material, and are keeping safe and healthy during these particularly troubling times. We miss you, and hope to get back to playing music for you again soon.

Flint: IDLES – Anxiety

IDLES good… That’s it.

I wanted to include a song from IDLES’ latest album that wasn’t released as a single in the past few months, and Anxiety seemed like a perfect selection given the way I feel about life in general at the moment. This song lives up to its name, with an aggressive mania that one might compare to the feeling of an anxiety-induced panic attack. I don’t mean that to dissuade you from listening to IDLES; in fact, the aggressive nature of the band’s music paired with Joe’s lyrics make for a therapeutic and cathartic listening experience. If you’ve ever felt pissed off after listening to, say, Rage Against the Machine, then this song will be perfect for you. Make sure to check out the rest of Ultra Mono – IDLES’ new album is a fantastic way to channel the angst you may be feeling during these dark times.

Ryan Tattershall: Shamir – Other Side

Shamir self released a self titled project on October 2nd. It is fantastic, I highly suggest everyone check it out, but if you only have time for one track off this record I encourage you to check out Other Side. Shamir plays around with a bunch of different sounds that makes for some really captivating music. This is a country-rock track with hauntingly beautiful vocals. I say country lightly as I don’t want that to be the reason some of you don’t give this track a chance. It’s more than that, it’s slightly indescribable, but it’ll make you say “wow” once you’re done listening to it. Listen to Shamir by Shamir today, wherever you can, whenever you can. It won’t disappoint.

Derek: Gyrofield – 2024

This song is from the Synopsis EP, the latest release from up-and-coming drum & bass producer gyrofield. All four tracks are very creative and forward thinking, and 2024 is probably the best example of this. Its energetic breakbeat and futuristic synth lines are very unique sounding in the drum & bass genre. Some people say that all drum & bass songs sound the same, just because they have a very similar drum beat and tempo. But there are plenty of artists out there like gyrofield who are pushing the limits of the genre and making very interesting music.

Jake Hersh: clipping. – ’96 Neve Campbell

The newest single from horrorcore rap group Clipping’s upcoming album “Visions of Bodies Being Burned” hits with more intensity than their last album “There Existed An Addiction to Blood.” From what they’ve described on social media, it’s a spiritual successor to TEAATB, which continues to follow through on the horror movie inspiration that highlighted songs like “La Mala Ordina,” “Club Down” and “Nothing is Safe.” At any rate, it’s a sonic assault, with heavy basslines, Death-Grips-esque gunshot interludes, and hard-hitting verses from duo Cam and China.

Ryan Tattershall: Willie J Healey – Sweeter Than Most

Willie J Healey released a record via Yala! Music on August 7th, 2020. Now, I know this isn’t this week, but I figured this might have flown under most people’s radars while the world was burning, quite literally and figuratively. This is a beautiful record titled Twin Heavy, and it’s slowly becoming my favorite of the year. I’m not really sure why, but every time I listen to it, it grows on me. Sweeter Than Most utilizes whistling, smooth bass lines, and a sweet melody that brings me back daily. Check out Twin Heavy wherever you listen to music, it shouldn’t disappoint.

Mari Lozano: Spiritbox ft. Ryo Kinoshita – Holy Roller

What happens when two of the latest and greatest metalcore bands collaborate on a song together. THIS and what this is just a brutal and heavy masterpiece. Spiritbox and Ryo Kinoshita came up with a song that will definitely have banging your head.

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