Marilyn Manson – We Are Chaos

Marilyn Manson’s new album might be his most musically diverse yet. On Sept. 11 shock rocker, Marilyn Manson released his 11th studio album We Are Chaos which really stands out compared to the rest of his discography. Some songs sound similar to his older work and seem like they were rejects from Antichrist Superstar such as “RED BLACK AND BLUE” and “INFINITE DARKNESS.” Compared to other songs that seem to be heavily inspired by David Bowie like the lead single off the album “WE ARE CHAOS.” There was even a song that
seemed to be inspired by Elton John “PAINT YOU WITH MY LOVE.” So needless to say that this album has something for everyone. My favorites on the album “DON’T CHASE THE DEAD,” ‘RED BLACK AND BLUE,” “INFINITE DARKNESS” and “BROKEN NEEDLE.”

Check it out if you’re in the mood for a musical rollercoaster.

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