2020 Care Package #1 – End of the year playlist

The music industry as a whole has suffered greatly because of the pandemic.

The venues that once supported our favorite musicians and gave their fans a place to enjoy their music now face the very real possibility of never opening their doors again. A transition to an almost entirely online way of life has demanded that artists adapt to this new environment, else they face falling into obscurity.

With nowhere to play in front of a live audience, and fewer ways to promote themselves and their art, continuing to create music is a noble pursuit. It deserves recognition.

We acknowledge the very small (but important) role that KZUU plays in supporting our artists, and understand the impact that they have made on us as individuals as we’ve all struggled to get through this pandemic in our own way.

As such, the music directors at KZUU have decided to reflect back on the songs and albums that have been released during this troubling time, and selected the ones that have inspired, encouraged, and otherwise supported them throughout this particularly perturbing year.

Today, we’re pleased to provide you with a playlist consisting of a few carefully selected tracks that we feel best encapsulates the many emotions that we’ve felt during this year. This will be the first of three “care packages” that will be released throughout the week, leading up to New Year’s day.

We hope you find something you like.

Content features submissions from Flint, Jake, Derek, Mari, Ryan, and Jett.

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