Parquet Courts – Sympathy for Life

I remember the first time my dad and I listened to Parquet Courts. I was around 14 and my dad was driving around as we searched the radio for something that sounded decent to listen to. At the time, I did not know radio, or Seattle well enough to know about KEXP, but as we searched, we found it, 90.3FM. The song, which marked a shift in my music taste and my dad’s interests in something that he could relate to, musically, was, “Stoned and Starving” from Parquet Courts debut album Light Up Gold + Tally All The Things That You Broke. I’ll never forget that song and the chokehold it had on my adolescent years. I would later purchase and hold onto several CDs from the artist and frequently revisit them. For those who are unaware of Parquet Courts and their presence in the indie and rock genre(s), it is a particular type of musical style. A lot of speaking, rather than singing, followed by rock riffs, percussion, and bass. Each album varies slightly but remains true to their debut. You can tell there is a punk influence on Parquet Courts, and personally, that is why I resonate with them so much. Listening to them makes me feel the same level of hype I felt when I was 14 that makes me want to pick up my skateboard and lurk the park for no good reason – other than to be there. Take this for what it is.  

As far as Sympathy for Life goes, I feel overall positive about this album. A few tracks seemed experimental and I want to see them developed in the future – Marathon of Anger, Plant Life, Trullo. There were a couple of songs I think I will frequent and that is what is most important and really all that I can ask for. Parquet Courts have not lost their thrashy rock ways and I hope to see more from them soon. 

What I would pay to see Parquet Courts: $30 

Recommended Tracks: Walking at a Downtown Pace, Just Shadows, Homo Sapien 

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