King Youngblood- Treefort Interview

From left to right: Alix Daniel, Cameron Lavi-Jones, Hamoon Milaninia, Chet Peterson. Photo by Caean Couto

The four members include Cameron Lavi-Jones, Chet Peterson, Alix Daniel and Hamoon Milaninia. Lavi-Jones, (guitar & vocals) recently graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in communications, which he uses to focus on marginalized communities, as well as BIPOC social injustices. In his performances, he brings an incredible energy through his vocals as well as his skill in playing the guitar. Peterson plays the cello, which is not necessarily something commonly seen in the rock genre, adding unique flair and character to KY. Daniel, the drummer, has a lot of experience behind the drums and uses this to bring aggressive pop-rock sounds to the group. Finally, Milaninia, who is a hip-hop producer, as well as the group’s bassist is incredibly technical in his skill and brings a lot of influence and energy to their performances. 

I got to speak with three of the gentlemen from King Youngblood at Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Idaho.

Their newest album, Big Thank comes out on May 13th. Check out their latest single, Cried in my Cadillac below!

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