This Is Why – Paramore Song Review

“This Is Why” Single Art

Paramore has finally reentered the music scene after a four year hiatus. This is Why, their newest release, sounds like the lovechild of the band’s last album, After Laughter, and lead singer, Hayley Williams, solo pandemic projects. With funky basslines and a synth-forward track, the song makes you want to get up and move. The lyrics reflect the feeling of being stuck in the overwhelming societal pressure for celebrities to speak their minds, but only if it fits the narrative people want to hear. Williams describes this precisely in the opening lines, “If you have an opinion/ maybe you should shove it/ Or maybe you should scream it/ Might be best to keep it to yourself.” The song, released on September 28, followed a tour announcement from the month prior. With this new single and a year or more of touring ahead of them, Paramore seems to be building up to a new album release cycle. For many fans, the anticipation of this release has them relating to the line “this is why I don’t leave the house”, more than the band could have ever imagined.

Stream “This Is Why” on Spotify!

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