Blondshell – Veronica Mars

Song Review/Artist Spotlight

On June 8th of this year, a new artist under the stage name Blondshell, aka Sabrina Teitelbaum, burst onto the scene with the debut track Olympus. In just 6 short months, that track has gathered attention from across the world, racking up 1.3 million streams on Spotify. Since the release of Olympus, three other tracks have been released from Blondshell, including the latest release, Veronica Mars. There’s a mixture of loud rock and alternative sad girl music that draws you in and makes you come back for more, which is demonstrated particularly well on the latest release. It starts off somewhat slow with Teitelbaum’s somewhat raspy/grungy voice layered over stripped back guitar riffs. Around the one-minute mark, it jumps out and grabs your attention, making you wish you were in the middle of a mosh pit head banging with your closest friends. It’s gritty, emotional, and one hell of a song.

Apart from the overall sound of Blondshell being appealing to my ears, Teitelbaum’s lyrics are incredibly personal. On Olympus, she sings of an addiction to someone she fell in love with, all while knowing that love would never work out. This can be an incredibly complicated feeling to go through, and the track does a wonderful job highlighting what that can feel like, as well as what it’s like to be addicted to something you know you can’t have. If you’re looking for something angsty to listen to, then this is the artist for you. I get flashbacks of the 90s grunge scene when listening to Blondshell and can’t wait for a full-length project from them in the future. Check out Veronica Mars and Olympus today, wherever you listen to your music.

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