From left to right: Leila Deeley, Annabel Wittle, Tippi Morgan, Chloe Howard. Photo by  Felix Sauerbrey.

Lime Garden, comprised of Chloe Howard (vocals/guitar), Annabel Wittle (drums), Leila Deeley (guitar), and Tippi Morgan (bass) from Brighton, have single handedly taken the alternative music scene by storm. Named one of NME‘s top 100 artists of 2022, the group slides from one genre to the next in a fearless, energetic, and refreshingly unique way. Releasing their first single just before the pandemic, the group was able to spend time writing music and figuring out their goals as a group. Post-pandemic, Lime Garden has had multiple sold out shows, performed at music festivals, and just headlined their own tour. Goals of new music, travel, and world domination are all on the list for the group in the next few years.

I had the opportunity to speak with Chloe, Tippi, and Leila via Zoom about their musical influences, music videos, their first live show, and dead musicians they wish they could meet.

Read some of the highlights from our conversation below, or listen to the entire interview on YouTube!

Ashlyn Taylor: I guess bouncing off of that, I have kind of Spotify stalked you guys, amd you have a lot of really good music on each of your playlists-

All: Aw thanks

AT: So what would you consider one of your current favorite artists right now?

Chloe: Ooh, great question. Right now…

Leila: I love Biig Piig and Fontaines D.C. at the moment. Been listening to them a lot.

Chloe: I think Wunderhorse, I love that new album, really really good. What else, that tune Girlfriend by Hemlocke Springs. I found it- it’s a Tik Tok song. It’s so good!

Leila: It’s so addictive as well, because its short as well, you can just kind of loop it.

Chloe: Been banging that a lot these days. What about you? *to Tippi*

Tippi: Um…

Leila: It’s so much pressure!

Tippi: I’ve been like, relistening to Neil Frances over the past like, week. I can’t stop listening to him. I think he’s like so sick, and he’s done like a remix of Teardrops, I don’t know who the original- I can’t remember who the original is by, but he’s just sick. He’s really cool. I’d love to see him eventually.

AT: I got to see Neil Frances do a club set earlier this year, it was really awesome!

Tippi: I would love to see him, it’s so so sick.

AT: Lets keep going with this artist thing, who are some artists that you guys would love to tour with eventually?

All: Oh my god

Tippi: I think Metronomy, as maybe a collective.

Chloe: Metronomy for sure. Oh god ,there’s so many, so many.

Leila: Wolf Alice.

Chloe: These are the things where you know there’s so many answers, and then you ask, and then its “What? I don’t even know any bands! What are you on about?”

Leila: I would love to tour with like a rock-and-roll band! Such good memories and like, just wanna pick their brains.

Chloe: Yeah, like a dad rock band would be fun. Motley Crue? That’d be fun. Or I’d love to go on tour with Charli XCX, that’d be pretty surreal, pretty cool. Or even like, Fontains D.C..

Leila: Arctic Monkeys?

Chloe: Arctic Monkeys would be pretty cool, the list is endless honestly. There’s way too many good bands out there.

AT: Who would you consider your top 5 as a group to tour with would be?

Leila: It’s all because we all have good ones.

Chloe: I think, Metronomy, Charli XCX, right?

Leila: Yeah, absolutely.

Chloe: Arctic Monkeys?

Tippi: Meh

Chloe: Well you know, compromise.

Tippi: I think Fontains D.C. as well.

Chloe: Courtney Barnett would be up there too for sure. I think that’s five right? There you go, there’s your five.


AT: This goes great into another question I have, what do you think the coolest music video you guys have done so far is?

Tippi: I think Sick & Tired by far actually.

Leila: Really? Yeah.

Tippi: Well I think it just- we had such a fun time filming it.

Chloe: We did it in my bedroom.

AT: Nice!

Chloe: *at Tippi* Are you thinking of Clockwork?

Tippi: No, I’m thinking of Fever.

Leila: That ones my favorite.

Chloe: Yeah!

Tippi: No yeah, I think Fever is my favorite music video.

Chloe: Fever was a very fun time. It’s the oldest gay bar in Brighton, where we live, and we went there. We couldn’t afford to rent it out so we had to go at about 5 in the morning before- just as it shut, before the pub opened.

Leila: And this guy, who had been up drinking all night, just to like, let us in, cause he didn’t wanna wake up. *laughing*

Chloe: He was absolutely crazy.

Leila: An icon! He was so funny! And he was like, making us screwdrivers, which is just orange juice and vodka, and was like, stirring it with a screwdriver. And he was just nuts! It was so funny.

Chloe: Yeah he was great. He was very funny, he was from Texas I think right? He was telling us all these crazy stories about him doing acid in the desert.

Leila: And going on about The Doors.

Chloe: And he was letting us smoke cigarettes inside, it was quite- it was very fun. And it was all before 10 in the morning. So we finished the video kinda slightly pissed to be fair.


Leila: And I remember going home and having a nap and waking up like “What just happened?”. Cause I woke up at like 12 pm and I was like “Was this a dream? Am I alive?”.

Tippi: We left so soggy as well, cause we had tubes like, tucked under our hair that was like, dripping water down our face trying to make it look like we were sweating. I just figure it was the funniest thing ever.

Leila: And Jay who did it is a legend. And he is doing really cool stuff at the moment too.


AT: I couldn’t agree more. If there was going to be a movie made about you guys, who do you think would end up playing you in that movie.

Chloe: This is a great question! I love it!

Leila: Michael Cera.

Tippi: I was just going to say Michael Cera!

Chloe: Who would play me?

Leila: Oh! The girl from Notting Hill!

Chloe: Oh yeah! There’s this actress, have you ever watched Notting Hill?

AT: I have not!

Chloe: It’s like a Hugh Grant early 2000’s rom com, classic, right? I highly recommend it. I don’t know her name, there’s this actress in it-

Leila: It’s uncanny!

Chloe: She apparently looks like me. She would play me.

Leila: Or maybe Lily Allen? You have Lily Allen vibes.

Chloe: Lily Allen would be fun! I like that.

Tippi: I have no idea who would play me.

Chloe: Whos the girl, you know the new Wednesday Addams thing that’s just come out? I feel like she’d be a good Tippi.

Tippi: I’ll take that. I just watched the trailer today.

Chloe: Yeah, I feel like she’d be a good Tippi.

Leila: We’ve got Notting Hill lady, Wednesday Addams and Michael Cera.


AT: Who do you think Annabel would be?

Tippi: Danny Devito?


Leila: She would love that.

Chloe: I think Danny Devito.


AT: What is your plan for world domination? What is the step-by-step process in getting that?

Chloe: The step-by-step process is writing hits, write the best album of the decade, essentially the first step. And then, from there-

Leila: Just rockin’.

Chloe: Rock out!

Lime Garden has plans to release new music in 2023, but in the meantime, follow them on Spotify, and check out their music videos on YouTube!

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