MUSIC NEWS: Last Planet set to release a single each month of 2023

Last Planet, an alternative rock band from Oakland, Calif., has an abundance of music coming out in 2023, as well as plans for future performances across the West Coast.

On March 3, Last Planet released their first single of 2023, “Picture of Us,” which the band describes as an alternative rock song with a heavy saxophone presence and pop punk influences. “Whiskey Breath,” Last Planet’s single set to release in April, will likely be the start of their new sound: dark, moody alternative punk rock.

Last Planet was formed in 2018, after founding members, Cort Young and Albero Berul, met while working at a Guitar Center. “That was fate at play,” said Berul.

Once they had left their jobs, Young and Berul began putting a group together. Last Planet soon grew to a band of six after adding Rai Ahmed-Green as lead female vocalist, Lucian Pixley as a saxophonist, Ben Hicks as a guitarist, and Lyman Jerome Alexander ΙΙ as a drummer.

The band grew up listening to various music genres, leading them to draw inspiration from pop punk bands, such as Green Day and Blink-182, and grunge bands, such as Alice in Chains and Sound Garden. Ahmed-Green, who also co-writes for the band, said her songwriting style comes from artists like Jill Scott and Erykah Badu.

Last Planet is not only diverse in their styles as performers and songwriters, but diverse as humans. “I know that we got a really unique thing going on,” said Berul. “Something that you don’t come across all that often.”

As Last Planet continues to refine their sound, they are looking forward to their upcoming performances. On May 20, Last Planet will be performing with Alex Lucero and The Live Again Band at Dying Breed in Oakland, Calif. The band also has plans to gig up the West Coast, playing shows in cities such as Seattle and San Francisco.

KZUU is excited to see what 2023 has in store for Last Planet! It was a pleasure getting to meet with you all!

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