hoodratscumbags – Beach Goons

Beach Goons by hoodratscumbags

“Vatos Tristes” at their finest, hoodratscumbags is Beach Goons’ second album, and the best one by a landslide. Bilingual garage punk meets dreamy melodies in this surf-rock love child. The lyrics are melancholic but leave you feeling carefree and footloose. This is the epitome of a great summer album, so pop it on the aux, roll the windows down, and go for a drive. This album is a great intro surf rock because every single song is a banger, but the catch is they aren’t tiring. A lot of rock and punk can have energy-draining bops, but Beach Goons have a very relaxing and dreamy vibe, while still being high energy. It’s a fine line, and Beach Goons walk it exquisitely. In addition, the album flows perfectly, each song rocks and contributes to the album’s vibe, so there’s no need to skip through. They even throw a couple instrumentals in there too. This album will be stuck in your head forever, so be warned.

Similar sound to The Frights, Fake Tides, SWMRS.

p.s. look up the Spanish translations, it makes it *that* much better 🙂

Try: A.M., Hunny Bunnies, Vatos Tristes, Chunti, El Sol

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