KOMPROMAT – Traum Und Existenz

Traum Und Existenz by KOMPROMAT

French band, Kompromat has made an impressive impression to the world of techno using an interesting choice of minor chords to incorporate the emotion of the darkness, battle cries to leave chills, and vocals that leave you curious and wanting more. Track 4: De mon âme à ton âme is an example of this approach of wanting to yearn more, yet the urge to dance when you listen to Adele Haenel’s eerie, mellow vocals. The minor chords from the songs of prayers in church add a dissonance knowing there are more than what you are listening to, occasionally a discordance that leaves an edgy feeling that curiosity will soon take over. The album progresses from many old school styles of holy melodic undertones, battle cries, upbeats that create the urge to dance, the eerie feeling; until the end you can feel the freedom of the darkness and the battle cries distorting leaving you wondering whether “will everything be okay?”

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