DIIV – Blankenship

Following a three-year hiatus, DIIV releases a new single titled, “Blankenship”. After fears surrounding heroin addiction led lead singer Zachary Smith to believe that “Is the Is Are” could be the last, DIIV fans across the world can rejoice in the release of their newest project. The direction DIIV has decided to follow in the years from 2016 to 2019, seems to perfectly reflect both the attitude and disposition regarding getting clean. Musically speaking, the single comes across as refined and polished, yet holding onto DIIV’s energy… which has always come across as dark, while holding onto hope. Featuring 3 songs of all equal weight we (as fans) can only hope that DIIV continues releasing more, as “Blankenship” demonstrated that the wait has not lessened the quality.

Must Listen: Taker


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