Kiev – Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth

Firstly, I recognize that this album is nearly six years old at the time I’ve written this review. Some may argue that everything that needed to be said about this album has long been said already and that writing a review on an album that’s already been out for so long is a waste of time. However, there is something about this album that has touched me so profoundly and emotionally that to not get my feelings off my chest would be doing a disservice to both myself and the fantastic musicians that make up the band Kiev.

For years, Kiev’s “Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth” was the only record in my car. I have listened to this album back-and-forth so much that one may call me a Kiev linguist. That too is a misconception, for the national language of Ukraine, the country in which Kiev is the capital, is Russian, and the only words I know in Russian are not appropriate to write on an album review, and are certainly not things that I want my mother to read when she eventually looks at this review (love you, ma).

Why, then, should you listen to this album? “Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth”, if you can pronounce it, is an amalgamation of some of the warmest and tastiest sounds I’ve ever heard a human being create using a musical instrument. To me, this album sets the standard for what a full-length release should be. Each song on this thirteen-track release is a masterful, carefully crafted sonic experience filled with warm and funky synth sounds, groovy drumbeats, and silky-smooth vocals to tickle and stimulate your eardrums.

Tread carefully after your first listen, for like me, “Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth” may be the only thing you’ll be able to play in your car for years. Fortunately for both you and I, Kiev is currently in the studio working on their next masterpiece that may very well be “Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth’s” successor. Time will tell.

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