MUNA – Saves the World

MUNA’s sophomore album passes the potential slump and soars to new heights, living up to the title of, “Saves the World”. With alto crooning, punchy beats, and deliciously layered vocal synth, there’s a certain star-powered shimmer to each track. The female-fronted power-pop trio meshes emotional lyrics with electronic elements for a beautifully cohesive and satisfying album.

There’s a solid baseline of female empowerment that stems through the full album, but the diversity of slow, intimate pieces to upbeat, clubby tracks is enough to keep it riveting from start to finish. All the elements of a sonically pleasing album are there: the pause-build choruses are explosive, and they fuel the cathartic release that comes with relating to an emotionally intelligent song.

Some key songs from the album: If you need a self-love piece, Number One Fan is the perfect fit. If you’re a romantic in a rough patch, Pink Light and Taken are there to fill the void. If you’re ready for a night out with the girls, Hands Off is hands-down a pregame anthem.

MUNA have been on the rise after they opened for a few shows of the debut tour of no one other than boyband-member-turned-ballad-rocker,  Harry Styles. Single Number One Fan is a great place to start for someone who hasn’t gotten into MUNA yet.

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