Slaves – Heavier

Heavier by Slaves

Slaves, a band that was initially formed in California, just released their first song without their original vocalist, Jonny Craig. Back in January, Jonny Craig and the other band members released statements about how Craig was no longer associated with the band. When they posted these, Slaves was in the middle of touring, so they quickly replaced him with Matt McAndrew. 6 months later, they released their first song since Jonny Craig had left called “Heavier”. When I first heard this song, all I did was compare his voice to Jonny Craig’s and I honestly cannot choose which one I like more. Craig has this diverse voice that just makes a rock song even more beautiful since a lot of his solo music has an R&B twist. However, McAndrew also has a very smooth voice, but in a different way. McAndrew has a beautiful voice that just really fits with the band and makes for a great sound in general. With comparisons aside, McAndrew’s voice is not only amazing in this track, but he also gives off an insane amount of emotion that makes you feel what he’s feeling by sounding so smooth one minute, and then the next he uses a grittier sounding voice. That along with the heavier music in the background makes for an amazing listening experience!

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