SWMRS – Berkeley’s on Fire

SWMRS second album, in which they deconstructed what they knew about themselves, their music, and their favorite songs to create a politically charged, electronic mixed with punk rock mixed with grunge album, is a sophomore album worthy of following Drive North. The lyrics and the music parallel each other; they are fast, raucous, urgent, and passionate. Berkeley’s on Fire delivers rebellion in an energetic, diverse package. The opening track has an electronic feel very new to this band, but each song has a different flow. Some have a more soft, indie style, while others are pure punk rock, while others still incorporate the electronic sound. It is definitely an experimental side for SWMRS, but it really works. The groundbreaking lyrics mixed with the varying music styles is pretty revolutionary, especially for SWMRS. I believe it’s one of the most important albums of the year, as it talks about a lot of controversial yet current issues like riots, shootings, the Flint water crisis, rigged elections, and fake news in media. No matter what you’re into, this album will make you want to vandalize the white house, scream at the top of your lungs, cry (happy or sad tears), jump into a mosh pit, and start protesting bogus government. The thing about this album is that it makes you feel something, both lyrically and musically—it is groundbreaking, inspiring, passionate, and cathartic. Similar sound to FIDLAR, The Wrecks, Destroy Boys.

TRY: Berkeley’s on Fire, April in Houston, Lose Lose Lose, Steve Got Robbed

p.s. look up the lyrics, there are lots of hidden gems that you don’t hear the first time

p.p.s. also listen to their first album Drive North


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