AC Slater – Hi8

Aaron Clevenger, better known to the world as AC Slater, is probably one of the hardest hitting heavyweights in the world of House Music. The man has rocked the world, leading the charge with his massive Night Bass record label. Now he has dropped his next offering to the hungry horde of dedicated fans, his second solo album: Hi8.

With the visuals matching each record on the album all being old skating videos from his teen years, you can tell this was a passion project for Aaron. 

The album spans a handful of styles of House Music, with the help of many other impressive House names like Jack Beats, Jay Robinson, Sinden, Taiki Nulight and others.

The focus is definitely bass-heavy, club centric styles of House that can be heard on songs like “Bad Behaviour”, “Laid Off” and “To The Top”. But a few of the tracks are definitely love letters to the old school, warehouse-style. Songs like “Feeling Awake” featuring those classic piano stabs, and vibey vocals that made House Music back in the day, or “Final Fantasy” with vocals from Kaleena Zanders that focuses on the more spacey keys and almost lo-fi sounding pads. 

If you’re a fan of House, then there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll find some new favorite gems on this record. That is if you don’t end up just loving it front to back like I did.

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