EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) 2019

After three years of raving, I finally attended the largest festival in the world, EDC. I wanted to save my first EDC experience for after I turned 21, in order to get the full EDC and Vegas experience. After actually experiencing this whole EDC week, I learned that it would have been the smarter decision to experience EDC prior to the 21 experience. Even though I’ve been to countless festivals, EDC was still overwhelming for me. For five days, I would wake up, drink, go to the pool party, come back, and then get ready to go out again at night. It was a super eventful and fun week. A tip for if you go to Vegas is to find promoters and get on their guest list! It is literally their job to get people to go to the events, and you would get in for free! During EDC week, there were different pool parties happening during the day at different hotels, and the same for shows at night in the clubs.

By the time EDC was about to happen, I was already exhausted. I knew that I was able to go through with it but going to EDC week, the actual festival was just a section of my experience. In all honesty, I wish I enjoyed EDC better than I did. I always thought it was a magical and life-changing experience, being under the electric sky. In my opinion, it definitely did not reach my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of people that can beg to differ on this!

The main thing that I did not like about EDC was that if you were not at one stage, you would be able to hear multiple stages at one time, making different music and sound clash. It made going on rides or going from stage to stage a lot less enjoyable than it is at other festivals, where the stages have a little more distance from each other. I felt lost and felt like too much was going on. I usually like to wander around at festivals, but there was no way that I could do that at EDC without getting lost and unable to find my friends again. This year was also cold as well which is unusual for EDC since Vegas is always warm. It was disappointing that people planned their EDC outfits to have to cover it due to the weather. I had a good time and heard some amazing sets, however, in my personal opinion, I would much rather prefer other festivals, such as Paradiso.


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