Aries – Welcome Home

In a verging-on oversaturated market of Soundcloud-esque sounds, Welcome Home is an insane standout. A 21-year-old producer turned singer/wrapper/do it all, his first album is a quick listen with no skips (a rarity for me). Cohesively, the whole project has a similar soundscape, but the variation in the tracks keeps it interesting. Varying from twangy, upbeat tracks (Santa Monica, Bad News) to hard-hitting minor pieces (Home, Pony), there’s something for everyone in just 9 songs. Lyrically, the songs are on the darker side and the vocals are beautifully layered. Overall, you can tell the care and time that was spent on the production of this album – everything is intentional and added with taste and care. It’s also an interesting perspective that it’s truly a one-man project in that Aries is involved as a singer, rapper, and producer on Welcome Home. The vocals are impressive for a producer turned vocalist: as a rapper, his vocal placement is focused, and as a singer his range is solid. In my eyes, as a debut album, this thoroughly sets him apart from the rest and has easily crawled into my albums of the year list.

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