Bakar – Will You Be My Yellow?

London native Bakar is back with another project following his last release “BadKid”. Will You Be My Yellow is a short EP consisting of six tracks with a runtime of just under sixteen minutes. This EP is short but, straight to the point. 

The opening track “Yllw” does a wonderful job of laying out the foundation of what the rest of the project will feel like. The instrumental is carried by light guitar strumming with some base picking and a soft ring of some kind in the distance. Bakar isn’t singing nor rapping, he is delivering a spoken word of some sort comparable to a poem. Feels as if Bakar is reading a letter he is about to send to a past lover. The rest of the tracks on here will be about Bakar finding his yellow and speaking about the things he deals with into exitance, and by doing so it might help fill his own void. 

The second track “Hell N Back” gives a backstory of when Bakar and his “Yellow”. This instrumental reminds me of a happy teenage boy in the late 60s walking around full of joy because he found the love of his life. Bakar reminisces on how this person made their way into his life “Could you tell where my head was at when you found me?”. Bakar speaks on how lonely he was before and how when they were together, they were a mess but at least they were content with each other. This track is essentially describing the best of days and how this person held Bakar together. 

The rest of the projects leaves you missing warmth. Leaves you sort of down, but at the same time happy because you have the memories to cherish. A nostalgic feeling that leaves a small smile on your face after you get over the fact you’ll never be in that time of your life again. 

Bakar is a very talented artist and is someone to keep an eye on. Bakar can fit in any type of track: Reggae, Hip-hop, Indie Rock, Spoken Word and everything in-between. The proof is in his last project “BadKid”, if you liked Would You Be My Yellow? Than give BadKid a listen. Overall this project packs a lot of feelings in just under sixteen minutes and I am extremely excited to see what Bakar will do next. 

Favorite Tracks: 
Hell n Back 
Been a Minute
Cashmere Tears


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