Profs de Skids, Nature Boys, Fun Ladies @ Bitterroot Tattoo

On 10/19/19, I went to Bitteroot Tattoo to see a concert put on promotions group Giant Palouse Earthworm. The bands featured were Fun Ladies from Spokane, Nature Boys from Kansas City, Missouri and Les Prof de Skids from France. The vibe of the concert is totally D.I.Y. and the venue was totally one of my favorites that I have visited in the area…granted the only other venue I’ve visited was my friend’s living room for a house show. This show was totally awesome because it featured punk bands not only from the country but also France. The show is totally intimate and I would definitely recommend shows that are put on by Giant Palouse Earthworm in the future. There next show they are putting on is a hardcore punk show at Rancho Viejo Mexican Restaurant in Pullman on October 30th. Definitely check it out.

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