Nightmare Before Christmas: Original Soundtrack (Group Review)

Nightmare Before Christmas: Group Review

Its spoopy season. So here is KZUU’s attempt of getting into the holiday spirit.

  1. Is ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ a Halloween or Christmas soundtrack?

Shane: Halloween. It’s literally the name of the first real song. And its spooky unlike all christmas music. Anyone who thinks differently should feel bad about themselves.

Ryan W.: Halloween movie duh. Imagine if Jack had gone into the other doors. Would it be a St. Patrick’s movie? A Valentine’s movie? Noooo it’s a Halloween movie all the way.

Mari: There’s only one way to answer this question, as yes to all of the above. I will watch this movie during Christmas and Halloween…it’s probably because I’m a weirdo who just likes to feel spooky all year round.

Anton: I mean… peep the tone. The tone is strictly spoopy. None of that Christmas Spirit.

Derek: Well wikipedia says it’s a Halloween-Christmas film, but it certainly feels more like a Halloween move than a typical feel-good Christmas movie.

Jett: It’s a Halloween movie, who are we kidding?

Caroline: Start watching it in October, stop watching at the end of December. It’s  multi-purpose. I think I personally tend to watch it for Halloween though. 

Ryan T: This movie used to creep me out growing up, so Halloween. Should be enjoyed all year round though. 

Flint: Why can’t it be both? Die Hard, for example, is both an action film as well as a Christmas movie.

Brianna: It’s 100% a Halloween album, the tone of the entire film is eerie. I don’t even know why we’re debating this. 

  1. Favorite track on soundtrack on the album?

Shane: ‘What’s This?’ – Jack’s obsession of ‘christmas town’ almost embodies how a child would react to the sights of christmas town. It’s quite laughable. And though I’m not a particular fan of the album, this tune along with a few others gave me a chuckle.

Ryan W.: “Oogie Boogie’s Song.” Bro it’s just so jazzy and funky I love it so much.

Mari: I’ve always really enjoyed “Sally’s Song” it’s a dreary song but still really it seems like a really perfectly imperfect.

Jett: I’m going to have to second Ryan W’s choice of “Oogie Boogie’s Song”. It’s got an interesting flair, and is an exciting listen.

Caroline: Seconding “What’s This?” – This song sets the tone and really lets Jack’s character shine. It’s an iconic, catchy standout. 

Ryan T: Nabbed. I like the way it’s constantly building to something more.

Flint: I’m not typically a fan of musical numbers, but Danny Elfman is a fantastic composer and he really kills it on this movie. Jack’s Lament is my favorite score on the film. It’s a fantastically haunting waltz that really gets me in the mood for Halloween and captures the “spirit” (heh) of the film.

Brianna: “Oogie Boogie’s Song” all the way, this song is so much fun!

  1. How would you describe the music from the film? (Is it spoopy?)

Shane: The literal representation of pulling a jack-o-lantern out of a christmas present. On the outside, the tunes are happy and joyous. But the lyrics are actually pretty dark and disturbing.

Ryan W.: I think they’re spooky and eerie, but in a fun childish way. 

Mari: I think that from a children it would be seen as “spooky.” But overall, from an adult perspective it’s a fun music to help someone get into the Halloween spirit.

Derek: It’s certainly spooky, but a lot of the time it’s hidden a little deeper beneath the surface-level silly, playful sound

Jett: Spooky, yet in a way that viewers of all ages can be entertained. It definitely has an eerie vibe, but that’s the point right? 

Caroline: I think the music is appropriately haunting in a lighthearted sense. You can definitely stem that the spooky-ness is toned down for a kid’s movie, but it’s charming in its own right. 

Ryan T: Everyone else already did a nice job summing it up. Nothing new to add here, keep scrolling.

Flint: As I said before, Danny Elfman really did a fantastic job with the film soundtrack. I think it manages to establish a spoopy ambiance for the film while maintaining a sort of playful energy.

Brianna: The entire vibe of the album is definitely a spooky one, but there’s also a very light and fun aspect to it. It’s definitely something that children can enjoy as well.

  1. Is the Marilyn Manson version of ‘This Is Halloween’ worse, as good, or better than the original?

Shane: Unobjectively, I don’t like it. At all. But, objectively from an outsider’s taste, Marilyn Manson is definitely scary. And I can definitely see why metalheads would like this.

Ryan W.: I actually kind of like it, but I don’t think it fits well with the movie itself. I think that if it stood alone, I would like it a lot more than if I listened to it after watching the movie. But I can rock out to it, I like it a lot.

Mari: I absolutely love Marilyn Manson’s version of the song. I definitely think that Manson really fits the style of the music from Nightmare Before Christmas. Personally, I do enjoy the Manson version more than the original song just because I’m a huge fan of his previous music and it’s one of the first Marilyn Manson songs I could listen to as a child. (insert Mari’s undying love and admiration for Marilyn Manson here).

Derek: I personally like the cover version much more, but that’s just because it’s more in the style of the music I usually listen to. I would probably never listen to the original outside of the movie, but I could see myself putting on Marylin Manson’s version. That being said, the cover would not really fit into the movie, and the original is better in that sense.

Jett: While the original certainly fits better for the movie, and I can understand why people would enjoy this cover, I personally am not a fan. The original fits well, and I enjoyed it.

Caroline: I think it depends on the context of what you want to hear. I’m a casual manson fan, and his cover definitely aligns with the music I tend to listen to, but if you want to get in the Halloween spirit and get hit with some nostalgia, then the original is more applicable. 

Ryan T: It’s definitely better. It adds this sense of excitement that you wouldn’t get in the original. Maybe that’s just because it sounds different than what I’m used to hearing, but I think it’s cool. 

Flint: I feel like Marilyn Manson’s version of the song is so different from the original that I treat both of them as their own completely different songs. I think Marilyn Manson really did make that song his own – and did a fantastic job doing it, but the original also serves as a fantastic track for the movie.

Brianna: I feel like Marilyn Manson’s version is something that would be more enjoyable if you hadn’t heard the original version. The original is more lighthearted and fits the vibe of the movie perfectly. That being said, Manson’s version isn’t bad, but if I’m gonna listen to “This is Halloween” I want the original.

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