Whitney – Forever Turned Around

On August 30th of 2019, Whitney released, “Forever Turned Around”. This album followed the release of their 2017 project, “Light Upon the Lake: Demo Recordings”. Fans of Whitney (myself included) were ecstatic about this new project. Featuring Whitney’s classic southern style draw, country-like roots mixed with an indie twist, “Forever Turned Around” continues this legacy of style.

Songs on this album have a bit more of a meandering feel, and expression that relates more deeply to the trials and tribulations of love, self, and friendship. I enjoyed the direction that Whitney has decided to take with this album and the melancholy style songs backed by a variety of instruments. It gives so much unique sound to listeners that might be tired of hearing the same style inside of the indie genre.

“Valleys (My Love)”, one of the more noteworthy songs on the album is followed by an Instrumental, “Rhododendron”. This song comes roughly in the middle of the album and gives listeners a nice instrumentational break before bringing up the pace of the album. After this, the songs that follow show a stroke of light and happiness, reminiscent to “Light Upon the Lake”.

One of the best things about, “Light Upon the Lake” to me was the use of instruments typically heard in symphonies and large ensembles and “Forever Turned Around” is no stranger to this. Throughout the album, the music is backed by interesting sounds and lyrics, that seem to effectually encapsulate the depth of music. I’d highly recommend giving Whitney a chance as they continually impress.

Recommended Listens: 1, 5, 6, 8, 9

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