Chris Farren – Born Hot

With his second (non-christmas) full length solo album, Chris Farren solidifies himself as a power pop legend. With deeply, almost comically vulnerable lyrics, “Born Hot” masks insecurities with a falsely inflated ego. This masking emulates that of everyday awkward interactions and situations, and the catchy backgrounds almost distract you from the crushingly relatable content. It’s an odd dynamic that’s exceptionally executed.

Antargtigo Vespucci-alum Farren holds his own very well with passionate, raw vocals and pop-py backgrounds that have just enough thrash to set them apart. The DIY, rowdy spirit is ever-present in his work, and it shows. I know the hyper-specific lyrics have been stressed, but I’ll throw some screenshots in the end so it’s extra clear. They’re weird, they’re strong, they convey so much in a youthful, intrusive way. This self-produced album was recorded in Chris Farren’s apartment, which helps with the intimate feel of the full length.

Some favorites from the album are: Search 4 Me, I Was Amazing, Bizzy, and Space in Yr Love.

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