Summer Salt – Honeyweed

Summer Salt is the most relaxing band you’ll ever listen to. In their new EP, Honeyweed, it isn’t hard to see this. This album will make you feel like you’re on a vacation for eternity even if you’re stuck at home, school, or work. The combination of crisp and laid-back drums, melodic, Santo and Johnny style guitar riffs, soothing background vocals, and front runner Matthew Terry’s lullaby-like voice recreates a 1960s pop meets Bossa Nova meets indie love child.

Even the lyrics to each song in Honeyweed has the same precious, vacationing vibe to it. The titular tune describes ideal summer days, with “spiked lemonade in the warm breeze,” and by the end of it, you’ll want to have your very own “honeyweed.” Each and every song in both this EP and their other EPs: Driving to Hawaii, Going Native, So Polite, and their 2018 album Happy Camper, has a melodic and soothing sound, that is sure to make you forget your troubles for the night.

TRY: 1 & 3

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