COVERS – Hovvdy + Lomelda

On June 28th 2019, Hovvdy and Lomelda came together to release, “Covers”. The starting track, “Talk” features a very indie-esque sound reminiscent to the likes of artists we have listened to at the station such as “Alex G”. Following “Talk” the album follows a mostly mellow and slow sound with guitar and keys, which of course is backed by the vocals that seem to be the focus of the EP.

I quite liked the mellow/sleepy style of this album and I was expecting the majority of it to follow a similar style. This would have led me to review the album in a more cliché light, as songs of this style seem to be quite popular for the indie genre and perhaps overdone… but then we listen to “Out There” which features the same dreary style of the earlier songs but in a much more expressive way. In “Out There” you can hear the distorted vocals and lo-fi sound which perfectly transition into, “Swing (expired)” which follows more of the “Hovvdy” style.

To be honest I was hoping for more “Hovvdy”-like influence, but this album was a decently mellow listen that is perfect for the weather which transitions quite abruptly from Fall to Winter here in Pullman, WA.

Recommended listens: Talk, Out There, Swing (expired)

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