Cycles of Self – Into the Flood

Into The Flood are a metalcore band from Tacoma, Washington. The band consists of Brendon Wilson (vocals), Jacob Sacquitne (guitar and vocals), Nick Ferraro (guitar and vocals), Sam Howell (bass and vocals), and Kevin Brady (drums).

On October 25th, they released their latest EP Cycles of Self which features tracks that our both heavy and melodic. The songs feature heavy riffs, intense unclean vocals and of course the occasional breakdown (this is metalcore after all). If you are a fan of hardcore and heavy music then this definitely the release for you. The songs are raw unfiltered and full of peer aggression it’s the perfect for any fan of metalcore.

My favorite songs off this album are “Cake,” “Pressure,” and “Lockjaw.” These will make you feel something and our full of energy. The lyrical contact is deep and full of rage it’s one of my favorite elements of Into The Flood’s music which makes them really stand out in my mind.

They always have the best quality music production and videos for an unsigned band from Tacoma, Washington. They definitely a band that set the bar for young aspiring musician’s in Seattle metal scene.

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