Lola Marsh – Only For a Moment (Music Video)

For those not familiar to the Israeli Pop duo, Lola Marsh likes to play in the realm of simplicity. Opting in for snaps, claps, and simple beats instead of a concert style drum set, or preferring a mandolin/ukulele to an electric guitar or synthesizers. And Lola’s voice often complements the instrumentation with her beautifully and sometimes strong yet sometimes wispy voice. Think of the duo as a world/folk version of Lana Del Ray.

To be honest, I was already a Lola Marsh fan before this single came out. So, it was easy to win me over with this tune. However, I am rarely one to watch a music video more than once. Let alone thirty times. ‘Only For a Moment’ was one of those songs that when paired with the video, was both visually, and audibly pleasing. Think of this video as the ASMR equivalent in a visual format, or the video that you can’t look away from because it is synced so well that it draws your attention. All this video is boiled down to is Gil & Yael playing ping pong with each other. But the kicker is how the back and forth is synced up with the ‘snaps & claps’ of the song. There are a bunch of visual cues one could highlight after watching this music video, but ultimately this left me wanting to watch who was going to win the next point.

Matching the simplicity of the video with the simplicity of the song structure is another aspect of what makes this song so special. If you are one of those souls who likes to watch an athlete do what seems impossible, or pop all of the bubble wrap, this is the one for you.

As far as the actual music goes, there isn’t anything particularly unique about Lola Marsh’s sound. But for those who are sick of artists who place layers upon layers upon layers to one song, and feel like there is no imagination to music anymore, this might be a good fit for you. This song also does a good job of toeing the line where its beautiful without seeming ‘too’ cute. Since the song is shorter, you don’t feel like it is trying to drag out the point. There are also some interesting lines of lyricism that are sprinkled throughout the song. For example “ I’ll keep all my affection in a paper cup” to me is a perfect analogy to how thinly we can keep our emotions in when we have a crush on someone and haven’t told them yet. To me young love is so precious, yet so delicate. Lola did a great job conveying this message throughout the song. Twelve out of ten would recommend watching this music video at least three times one hundred and twenty percent of the time.

Feel free to check out some of their other tunes below as well:

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