Itchy Kitty – Interview

Interviewers: KZZU Staff: Shane, Jimmy, Andrick, Derek, Flint

Interviewee: Itchy Kitty Band: Ami, Nom, Catman Date and time: Sat, September 28th, 2019

Location: Outside Bitterroot Tattoo in Moscow Idaho

KZUU: What do you think is your responsibility of women in rock or just rock n roll?

Itchy: No, No. We don’t like to be singled out as women we prefer just to be considered musicians. Itchy: Well think about it do you wanna be the guy who is f*cking on stage oh he’s f*cking representing guys who wear tan pants right now? Yeah, no. Yeah you’re pretty good for a guy in tan pants

KZUU: What about representing cats on stage?

Itchy Kitty: Sure! Well I feel like they represent themselves. They’re kinda good at that, I mean look at f*cking Egypt

KZUU: Have you thought about bringing a cat on stage?

Itchy Kitty: No. That would be animal abuse. That would damage their ears. That’s sad. KZUU: They could have kitty ear muffs though right?

Itchy Kitty: They could… we’ll make em Itchy Kitty: But ya know if you think about it do I wanna be respected as a musician that can just be a musician or do people wanna put me on a peddlestool just because I have titts and a vagina? Which is bullshit. Am I right? KZUU: No yeah, that’s true!

Itchy Kitty: I mean we all have the same amount of holes

[lots of laughter]

KZUU: Sorry I don’t know how to transition out of that so haha… uhm so what kind of a motion do you guys try to provoke when you guys are at your shows, because you got the mosh-pit going on and obviously we are not quite at least the image, we are not quite the demographic. Do you guys see that?

Itchy Kitty: No, we just like to make music and have fun. I see people like you guys all the f*cking time. People who have never moshed before and their like “oh my god!” and just go at it and have fun.

Itchy Kitty: Or like moshing may come about because the music is so fast and you don’t know what to do with yourself and you just start punch sh*t. You just got to do something but you can’t dance

Itchy Kitty: for me, writing a song and playing them is a release of anger and people at shows say it’s that for them as well and just a release in general. And I just wanna make people happy. For me it’s like an anger management session cuz I can’t afford that kind of therapy

KZUU: I want to know Catman’s influences, like guitar wise Itchy Kitty

(Catman): uhm… a lot of prince. Big, big prince fan.

KZUU: Yeah we saw that on Facebook

Catman: I don’t have a facebook

KZUU: Itchy Kitty?

Itchy Kitty: Oh, yeah yeah Itchy Kitty does

KZUU: [Reference to Catman] So why don’t you have a facebook?

Catman: I don’t do well with people.

KZUU: I saw rocky horror was on there for influences

Itchy Kitty: WHAT! Dammit! I wasn’t involved in that

KZUU: Haha okay, then what are your influences?

Itchy Kitty: Like, Gym Bag Sluts, Dads With Cash, and Bubba Gum Piss

KZUU: Yeah I saw that on your guys’ Instagram. So what I wanna ask you guys is… do you guys not care about anything?

Itchy Kitty: We really don’t. It is all in the name of fun. We are just best friends, we would be doing this whether or not people should up or not. It’s nice that a couple of people like it.

KZUU: Couple?

Itchy Kitty: Some folks haha. A handle or group of folks.

KZUU: I feel like that how you know a musician is at their best

KZUU: So what is the craziest thing y’all have seen performing and just going around traveling

Itchy Kitty: Well we have seen a lot of bleeding people, people have been carried out. We have seen a dude get a boner. We were at a house and in the middle of the living room some guy had a boner and the next thing we know he gets hit in the face with a base guitar or something and then his face is pouring blood. I told him “hey yo! I stashed some toilet paper in the bathroom for the girls do you want help?” He just gets up and laughs and leaves. Turns out that dude was a predator. Dude was trash, the Boner was a dead giveaway.

Itchy Kitty: Yeah some people can’t hold their alcohol. Lots of shoving and it gets the best of them.

Performance @ Bitterroot Tattoo in Moscow, Idaho

KZUU: Is there any music out there right now or anything out there you haven’t heard many people talk about?

Itchy Kitty: Hank Wood and the Hammer Heads Their self-titled album is one of my favorite albums of all time.

Itchy Kitty: The thing I’m into is kind of big… I really like Idles right now.

Check out some of Itchy Kitty’s top songs here:

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