Turnover – Altogether

In their by-yearly album excursion, Turnover return to the alternative slow-jam scene. The 10 song album is relaxed and smooth, with enough variety to not be entirely monotonous. This album had big shoes to fill for me personally, as Peripheral Vision (2015) was my album of the year then and is a personal favorite to this day. Artists deserve to grow and progress in their own ways, and so it’s understandable to play it up within your genre. I think this one falls as a combination of the sounds they played with on their last two full-lengths, somewhere right in between sad and happy, and brings new perspectives along the way. It’s a good, calm listen for studying, car rides, or relaxing. I’d say standout tracks were Much After Feeling, Still in Motion, and Number on the Gate. (Honorable mention to Parties.)

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