SLANDER (Group Review)

There has been a bit of debate over which song is better of the two by musician Slander. And that means it’s time for a good old fashion battle of the songs. Since KZUU Music Directors listens to all genres of music, our staff is here to set the record straight:

Emily (EDM MD): The opinion on which song by Slander is better is almost controversial in the EDM community! Both songs are similar and touch people a different way. Slander has a gift at making the crowd feel something. They’re known for throwing down and making you cry all at the same time. My favorite, however, is Love is Gone. *cries*

Shane (Music Director): Full disclosure, my knowledge of the electronic genre is rudimentary. That being said, I did like one more than the other. To me ‘Love is Gone’ is pretty repetitive in my opinion. Repetitive choruses can be effective, but there wasn’t really depth to the song. Potions, on the other hand, had a drop that sounded different than most electronic songs, and I thought it was kind of refreshing. My vote goes for Potions being a better song.

Caroline (MD): As much as my EDM knowledge is small, I can definitely appreciate the genre and work that goes into the production.  Between the two songs, I vastly prefer Potions. I think the vocals and having both Slander and Said the Sky work on the same track gives such a complete, cohesive final piece where every segment feels intentional and beautiful.

Andrick (Hip Hop MD): I dislike both of these songs and I am not finna lie, I knew that would be the case before listening to them. Although, if I had to choose which one is better… I think Love is Gone is the better of the two. I say this because potions seem like a typical song I would hear on the radio rather than something at an EDM festival. Love is Gone has a harder drop even though I do not think that’s what Slander’s main objective was. This is like having to choose if Hollister or Abercrombie is better when you shop at hot topic.

Derek (MD): I didn’t really care much for ‘Love is Gone’. I generally don’t like electronic music with a focus on vocals, and that’s very much the case in this song. The slow build up and verse seemed really cheesy to me, and so did the little pause before the drop. I thought the drop was decent, but it only goes for about 30 seconds out of the whole 4 minute song. ‘Potions’ seemed pretty similar to me, but I liked it better because there was more than a single drop throughout the whole song. This way, the slow moments felt like the had more meaning because they were building up to something

Anton (EDM MD): Both tunes are good, but if you ask me Potions wins. Potions has a more solid structure, with the drops and vocals spaced out evenly enough that you aren’t bored or desiring anything of the track whilst listening to it. Love Is Gone takes too much of its time to get to a drop, especially with a build that’s so exaggerated. However, the sound design during the drop of Love Is Gone is way better than that of Potions. It really has that beautiful future bass sound nailed down to a T. Potions’ drop synths are a little more messy, however, the intro of potions is absolutely phenomenal with the kind of guitar plucks that will elevate most anyone. All in all, Potions wins. But Love Is Gone has its upsides as well.

Flint (Indie MD): This is a no-brainer, for me – Potions is clearly the superior choice of the two song selections. JT Roach’s vocals work much better for SLANDER’s production, and match the beautiful and atmospheric sound that is present in Potions. Potions feels like a journey through a wonderful electronic soundscape. Love is Gone, however, sounds like something I would hear on an old school dubstep mixtape – it just doesn’t cut it for me. It takes almost 3 minutes for the drop to come in, and the buildup to the drop doesn’t match the ambiance and mood that Potions establishes. When the drop does happen, the song quickly fades into a boring “chill-hop” section that just feels out of place. The mix isn’t as good, and the vocals don’t match the production as well as they do in Potions.

Ryan White (Indie MD): Like a lot of the other MDs said, I don’t know lickety split about EDM, but personally I liked Potions better, I just thought the beat was more interesting overall, same with the vocals.

Mari Lozano (Loud Rock MD): Personally I really enjoyed “Potions” for sure. I don’t really know anything about electronic music. But I really liked the fact that the song had a solid beat and that really stood out to me when listening to the song.

And the verdict is…

Love is Gone | Vote: 2

Potions Vote | Vote: 8

Though our vote might seem one-sided, the EDM will probably debate over this topic for a while. Please let us know what you think of the two tracks in the comments below!

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