Sofi Tukker – Dancing On The People

German-American duo Sofi Hawley-Weld & Tucker Halpern have been dominating the House & EDM world through experimenting with the many styles that made them who they are. One of the many things the duo has done was incorporate Portuguese in both “Swing” & Spanish in “Playa Grande.” The language wasn’t the only thing the talented duo was going to stick with this EP, they decided to do more. Sofi Tukker incorporated classical & EDM creating a grand symphonic sound before the duo began singing in Portuguese creating a sense of mystery to the sound in “Swing”.  Things take a slow turn in “Ringless”, but don’t let the beginning fool you because the beat begins to create an atmosphere of yearning & still having the time of your life. “Fantasy” blew my mind with this EP, the vocals absolutely soft like a lullaby & the beats that you can jam out to while dancing your heart out. For an EP, this was one of the best I have listened to! I definitely have become a fan & I can’t wait for what is more to come for this duo.


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