Bird and Shooter – Interview

This interview was done by one of our Indie Music Directors, Jett Vreeman.

Jett: What brought you all together?

Bird and Shooter: Some of us new each other and had been friends for a while. After piecing together some other members we were a six piece and I don’t know we just like playing together most of all. The practicing started in a studio in a loft sort of space above our friends boat shop. Afterwards we decided it would be easiest to move into a house together, so we did that. We’ve been playing shows since last November, so just under a year now.

Jett: What does the name Bird & Shooter come from?

Bird and Shooter: I thought of it because I wanted something similar sounding to an album called “Cop & Speeder”.
It doesn’t mean anything really. Band names are too hard to stick with, so we just decided it doesn’t really matter what the name is as long as we are happy with the music.

Jett: What are some of your biggest influences for creating music?

Bird and Shooter: For me personally, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Elliott Smith, Townes Van Zandt, Pavement. The list doesn’t end.

Jett: I heard you guys turned your house into a venue? I’d love to hear more about that!

Bird and Shooter: Yes correct! “Woburn house” is the name. It’s fun, stressful, but always fun. Love hosting out of town bands and giving them a place to play in a smaller city in-between Canada and Seattle. It’s nice. It started last spring, because there weren’t many house shows around the area so we decided to step up to the plate and start playing shows in our house. Our first show was a BAMF fundraiser which was the biggest show ever, we were successfully able to raise a few hundred dollars.

Jett: How do you post about shows?

Bird and Shooter: All social media, we tell our friends about it for sure… but mostly, the Facebook groups that list house shows in Bellingham we will post on… as well as our personal social media accounts.

Jett: How do you think Bellingham influences your music?

Bird and Shooter: Well a lot of bands in Bellingham fall under surf rock/Indie rock, so I think that influenced us to play something a little different (to us). Other than that, I guess living in Washington in general influences our music in a more melancholy way? Who knows…

Jett: How is the music scene in Bellingham? Do you feel like you have a decent amount of venues outside of your home and support around the area?

Bird and Shooter: It’s great. I enjoy it. People come out and support at our house or other venues. The house shows are falling apart. I think we are one of 3 houses here. Used to be like 15.

Jett: Any tour info?

Bird and Shooter: Heading down to California in November
We leave on the 15th and get back on the 3rd, roughly 2 weeks.
From PDX to Vegas and OC and back home and some other places in-between.

Jett: What’s next for Bird and Shooter?

Bird and Shooter: New works of music and more out of town shows for us! Hopefully!

Thank you for the questions!
-Chandler (Percussion), Max Johnson (Guitar+Vocals), Nathan Arthur (Guitar+Vocals), Nick Barker (Bass), Asa Moriss (Percussionist)



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