Victor’s Debut – Victor Internet

Chicago native Victor Cervantes, more known as Victor Internet, has finally released his debut album. With only singles being released before, Victor has put together his first project called Victor’s Debut. With only having 9 songs and a run time of 24 minutes, it’s a fairly easy album to listen to all the way through.

Victor grew up going to church regularly and that’s when he started playing music. As he got older he was tired and bored of playing only church music so he decided to start making his own music at home.

Victor’s Debut is influenced on the wave of bedroom pop being released in the past years. Although the bedroom pop influenced is heard in this project, there is much more to this album. The sexy jazzy chords are heard in most songs with smooth distant riffs being heard in the background. Victors also incorporates simple electronic effects such as reversed chords and occasional synths with a sounds you would hear on an old deep space exploration movie.

More styles can be heard half way through the album with songs like “2017” “VIENS” and “SOUTHSIDE/TELL ME NO”. Victor mixes his singing with some a little bit of hip/hop flows very similar to Kevin Abstract and BROCKHAMPTON.

There are not many albums that incorporate handful of styles into each song and still sound cohesive and well put together but, victor does this in a way where it seems effortless. I am excited to see what Victor does next and I also appreciate that fact the he is not afraid to have some lyrics in Spanish.


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