Men I Trust / Turnover / Renata Zeiguer – Concert Review

Men I trust and Turnover performed at Neptune Theatre in Seattle, WA with special guest Renata Zeiguer on November 30th. Renata kicked things off with one of the better opening sets I’ve seen. From one of the best voices I’ve ever heard live, it had this haunting effect, but it was beautiful at the same time; to the incredible chords that were layered behind it, it was spectacular. The bassist, not too sure about his name but his Instagram tag is @bot_speaks, carried himself in such a cool and calm way that it made me want to smoke a joint with him after the show. The guitarist, Will Graefe, was getting after it on the track “Neck of the Moon” which really got the crowd into the show. The ~vibes~ were set for the rest of the night by this truly memorable performance.

@ bot_speaks Instagram–>

Now for the reason I went to the show, Men I trust, led by lead singer and guitarist Emma Proulx, was sick. I loved everything about the performance. Sometimes you can be let down by live performances of your favorite artists, thankfully this was not the case. I really enjoyed the way the band interacted; they were enjoying themselves which only made the crowd enjoy it more. Everything about this performance felt so natural to me for some reason. Maybe it was the fact that they all had a corona with a lime in it, or the fact that in between tracks they were turning to each other and laughing about the little things, they were having fun, and it helped me relax and enjoy the show.

Turnover came on last and wowed the crowd with their psychedelic visuals and sound that you would expect from them. However, even though their performance was fantastic, it wasn’t better than the first two acts that came before them. The bar was set incredibly high by Renata and Men I Trust, and they just didn’t bring the same energy. It might’ve been part of an act, but they didn’t seem all that interested in being there just by reading body language. It didn’t match the music. However, because the music is so good, it hardly mattered and everyone still really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it, but after hearing the first two acts they left me wanting more.

Overall, this concert was a lot of fun. I pre-gamed with a few slices of pizza and some beers. I went by myself, which was rather enjoyable actually, I could do whatever I wanted (within reason). I was able to sit in the upper section of Neptune and just soak up all the incredible music I was hearing, it was fantastic. I highly recommend everyone go to a concert by themselves just to see how it feels. I was nervous about it for a while, but it turned out being one of my more memorable experiences in life. Still would’ve enjoyed a friend to annoy during the whole process but it was fun nonetheless.

Oh, and one last thing, listen to Renata Zeiguer. That is all, take care.

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