Diseased and Disguised Tour – Concert Review

January 4, I attended the Diseased and Disguised Tour in Seattle, Washington, and clearly, I met both Motionless In White and Beartooth. They played at the Showbox Sodo and the show was completely sold out there were 1800 people crammed inside the venue. And the bands that played at my date were Nothing Left, Stick To Your Guns, Motionless, and Beartooth. All of the bands were fresh after the start of the new year and played an amazing show.

I found some new bands whose music I totally fell in love with after watching them perform live. Which always is an amazing feeling. Though everyone was excited to see the co-headlining bands Beartooth and Motionless. It was already decided that the bands would take turns closing the show on the first day Beartooth closed the show.

Motionless In White played a great show playing a majority of their songs from their albums a large majority off of Disguise, and a couple off of Reincarnate, Graveyard Shift and one song off of Infamous which was “If It’s It Dead, We Kill It.” However, a funny moment during the show I guess you could say is when they played a portion of “Undead Ahead 2” due to the fire alarm going off. Which they did say was the first time that happened to them.

I know only a couple Beartooth songs but after seeing them live on this tour you can definitely consider me a fan now. There set was fun vulnerable and they even took a second to talk about mental health which I really appreciated.

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