Mal Blum – Pity Boy

In Mal Blum’s latest album, released in 2019, the singer-songwriter’s style shifts drastically. Mal Blum’s 3 other albums have an acoustic, folky, laid-back, bedroom-production sound. However, in Pity Boy, they explore catharsis through the most raw, personal release yet; this album shifts to a more pop-punk sound, accompanying their new voice and identity.

The music featured on Pity Boy explores a lot of deep topics, accompanied by simple yet upbeat guitar, powerful lyrics, self-deprecation, and sometimes a raspy vocal strain, all characteristic of Blum. All of these aspects put together the most personal album of the singer’s career. Blum uses humor to lighten such heavy topics as struggles with depression, alienation, and their own experience in embracing their identity as non-binary.

I’ve been a fan of Mal Blum since I first heard their first album, Every Time You Go Somewhere, released in 2010. However, Pity Boy just feels different: it’s raw, it’s emotional, it’s powerful, and it’s easy to listen to. There’s a perfect mix of upbeat songs, such as Things Left To Say and Well, Fuck, but also includes slower songs such as Salt Flats. I highly recommend this album to everybody. From start to finish, it’s only a 37 minute listen, but this album is packing a punch.


Try: Things Left To Say, Salt Flats, Black Coffee, I Don’t Want To 


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