Devata Daun – Pye Luis EP

Pye Luis for me is one of the strangest but most innovative EP I’ve heard. Devata Daun did not hesitate to experiment on what a typical R & B/Soul EP should sound like. Daun was smart to test the genres in her unique way. When you listen to Mademosielle, futuristic beats almost similar to vaporwave begin to play almost like you are in a euphoric state of mind. As you continue listening to the EP, you start to notice the theme of the futuristic beats and Daun’s voice complement each other in a way that it becomes a lullaby especially when you listen to Weakening. I would like to describe this EP as something worth listening to, even if it will take a while to get into, the vocals are eerie as well as mysterious, and the music is so euphoric.


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