Navy Blue – Higher Self

Unbeknownst to me until following his Instagram, professional skateboarder Sage Elsesser makes music. He raps under the name, “Navy Blue” and it’s really something special. The way Sage skateboards with power and finesse is closely resembled by heavy lyrics and style. For those who would like to listen to NYC influenced rap with new flair, this is for you. It’s exciting to see how the freedom of skateboarding in those who can pursue it professionally, often enables an artistic and natural essence of self-expression. With Sage’s music and its development that it has seen most recently in, “Higher Self” respectively, it’s clear to see that Navy Blue is going to be gaining a lot of positive attraction in that regard. Sage seems to touch up on a lot of emotional events and awareness of self in this track, which is titled accordingly. For those who wish to dive deeper, you can check out Navy Blue on Soundcloud and Spotify.



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